Makka Ki Roti

Makka Ki Roti

Makka Ki Roti

Preparation time: 30 to 40 minutes

Serving: Four medium size Rotis


250gm corn flour

100 gm curd or 50-70 gm white butter (Use white butter or thick curd to prepare Dough)

100 ml hot water

Directions to prepare Makki Ki Roti

First, start preparing dough. Add curd or butter to the corn flour and mix it properly. Start kneading dough while mixing hot water in it. Knead dough properly till it gets smooth.

Make four portions of dough and cover with wet cotton cloth.

Preheat an iron Tawa and grease it with Ghee. Now wet the palms of your hands and place a dough portion on the wet palm and pat the makki dough with your fingers to make a flat round roti while using warm water to dampen your hands. Once Roti gets ready then put it slowly on pre-heated, greased hot tawa.

Bake the roti on medium heat, flipping over to bakes on both sides. Bake until you see that roti starts getting brown.

As soon as roti starts getting brown, apply a teaspoon of ghee and bake for few more minutes.

Your Makki ki Roti is ready to be served with Sarson ka Saag along with buttermilk and Jiggery.

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