Gaurav Gupta

Hi, my name is Gaurav Gupta. I am Indian, born in Meerut (U.P) near Delhi. I studied management from Institute of Productivity and Management and received a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. I have worked in several organizations in India and abroad. I lived abroad for nearly a five years, first in Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, then in Dubai. Cooking has always been my passion. When I was a little boy I loved to cook, spending quite good time in the kitchen with my mother, making a mess but learning delicious traditional authentic Indian recipes, using authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch. Today, I am still that same little boy playing in the kitchen; I like to experiment with different tastes and textures, tingeing from the Indian culinary culture to create my own personal recipes. However, I try to remain faithful to the authentic Indian traditions, flavors, and ingredients. In India we say that”Swadist khane se badh kar duniya mein koi ahcahi cheez nahi hai” (Nothing is better than tasty food in this world} the pleasure of good food, drinks, and company is such that the passage of time is suspended.

I can still remember that couple of good Muslim friends of father used to bring non veg dishes to our home. Those dishes were extremely good in taste and we all brothers and sister used to enjoy every single bite. By the passing of time all the things left behind but taste is still in our mouth. Simply that taste made me compelled to learn cooking.It gives me feeling of immense happiness while sharing with you that my 9 years old son”Tanay” is having the same kind of taste buds and fond of eating tasty food as well as cooking.

“Ones learn Cooking either by passion or taste”

As we know that mostly Indians are so passionate about food across the board, so I didn’t think the perspective was that different; from the greatest chefs to small-town cooks. In India, the grandmothers get such happiness from cooking for and feeding their families. The cooking — also like in India — is very regional. One dish will be made a way in one place and then completely differently 100 miles away. One thing’s for sure, everyone thinks theirs is the best! so do we.