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Quick Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

About Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is an authentic Mughlai dish which can be relished with a range of bread or rice. People love to eat it with tandoori roti, butter naan, laccha parantha, white rice or jeera rice besides Tawa roti or even Biriyani. The specialty of Butter Chicken is that it doesn’t need much ingredients for finger licking taste. It is one of the simplest recipes to start with Mughlai cuisine.  Moreover, its red gravy has a mouth-watering taste even without being spicy. That is one of the major reason that throughout the world people love to eat Butter Chicken.

READY IN: 1 hrs 30mins



1 Full marinated roasted chicken in medium pieces

Marinated Roasted Chicken
Marinated Roasted Chicken


Ingredients to make Gravy

1 tablespoons garam masala

1 tablespoons black cumin seeds (Shahi Jeera)

150 ml Ghee/ Refine oil/ Vegetable oil

2 tablespoon ginger and garlic paste

3 to 4 green chili (Chopped)

400 gm tomato puree

1 tablespoon Kashmiri chili powder

Salt as per your taste

1⁄2 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoon fenugreek leaves

1/2 cup thick cream

100gm Yellow butter

100ml milk

Handful cashews and Almonds for paste



Ingredients for Garnishing:

Fine chopped Green Coriander

Fine Chopped ginger

Yellow Butter


Ingredients for Garnishing
Ingredients for Garnishing



To make gravy:


Pour Ghee/Oil in a large frying pan over medium heat.

Pour Ghee in Pan
Pour Ghee in Pan



Add cumin seeds.

Add Cumin Seeds
Add Cumin Seeds



When Jeera begins to puff and bubble, add ginger, garlic paste and heat till it gets light brown.

Add Ginger, Garlic and Green Chilies
Add Ginger and Garlic paste



Now mix tomato puree and  keep on stirring till puree leaves oil.

Add Tomato Puree in it
Add Tomato Puree in it



Stir at least for 5 minutes then mix cashew and almond paste along with chopped green chillies keep on stirring till puree leaves oil.

Add Cashew and Almond Paste along with Spices
Add Cashew and Almond Paste along with Spices


Step- 6 :

Mix garam masala, red Kashmiri chilli and fenugreek along with half of yellow butter

Mix garam masala, red Kashmiri chilli and fenugreek

Mix garam masala, red Kashmiri chilli and fenugreek.


Now add pieces of chicken in masala.

Add Chicken Pieces in to gravy
Add Chicken Pieces in to gravy



Bring to boil; reduce heat to low and add salt to taste. Now mix sugar as well as 2/3 of cream and keep stirring at least 15 minutes on simmer heat while mixing milk to make puree thin. Gradually the gravy starts leaving oil. Once the oil starts appearing on the sides its ready to be served.

Add Milk
Add Milk to make gravy thin


Chicken starts leaving oil
Chicken starts leaving oil


Garnish with rest of the cream, butter, chopped coriander and ginger.

Butter Chicken is ready to eat
Butter Chicken is ready to eat

Makka Ki Roti

Makka Ki Roti

Makka Ki Roti

Preparation time: 30 to 40 minutes

Serving: Four medium size Rotis


250gm corn flour

100 gm curd or 50-70 gm white butter (Use white butter or thick curd to prepare Dough)

100 ml hot water

Directions to prepare Makki Ki Roti

First, start preparing dough. Add curd or butter to the corn flour and mix it properly. Start kneading dough while mixing hot water in it. Knead dough properly till it gets smooth.

Make four portions of dough and cover with wet cotton cloth.

Preheat an iron Tawa and grease it with Ghee. Now wet the palms of your hands and place a dough portion on the wet palm and pat the makki dough with your fingers to make a flat round roti while using warm water to dampen your hands. Once Roti gets ready then put it slowly on pre-heated, greased hot tawa.

Bake the roti on medium heat, flipping over to bakes on both sides. Bake until you see that roti starts getting brown.

As soon as roti starts getting brown, apply a teaspoon of ghee and bake for few more minutes.

Your Makki ki Roti is ready to be served with Sarson ka Saag along with buttermilk and Jiggery.

How to make Authentic Sarson Ka Saag

Authentic Sarson Ka Saag

About, “Sarson Ka Saag”

Sarson Ka Saag, with Makki Ki Roti, is the famous traditional food of Punjab and Haryana region. During the winter season, people relish Sarson Ka Saag, Makki Ki Roti with buttermilk (Chach/lassi) and Gur (Jiggery). Being the native of Haryana and married in Punjab helped me to learn the authentic way of cooking saag from my great grandma. Although it is rich food but there are lots of health benefits of Sarson ka Saag

Most of the people love to have it but usually miss the recipe and generally ask “ Sarson ka saag Kaise Banta hai” Here we are sharing most authentic and simple recipe of “Sarson ka Saag”.

Serves 6 to 8 persons

Preparation time: 2-3 hours


500 gm washed and cleaned mustard leaves (Sarson)

350 gm washed and cleaned spinach leaves (Palak)

200 gm washed and cleaned fenugreek leaves (Methi)

100 gm washed and cleaned Chenopodium (Bathua)

300 gm red tomatoes

20 to 30 gm ginger finely chopped

5-6 garlic cloves

8 green chilies chopped (according to taste)

1 Large cup corn flour or Gram Dal or Gram flour

For tempering (Tadka)

Use handful ghee or (As your health allow)

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 pinch asafetida (Hing)

Process of making

First Step:

I would like to suggest that all the leaves should be properly washed and cleaned as I have specifically mentioned in ingredients.

Washed and Cleaned leaves
Properly Washed and Cleaned leaves


Second Step: First, finely chop mustard (Sarson), spinach (Palak), fenugreek (Methi), Chenopodium (Bathua) and red tomatoesPut them in a cooker along with finely chopped ginger, whole green chilies, and garlic cloves. Give four to five whistles on sim flame.

Chopped leaves, Tomatoes, Green Chilies and Garlic Cloves and Ginger
Chopped leaves, Tomatoes, Green Chilies and Garlic Cloves and Ginger


Third Step:Put pressure cooker down from stove and let it get cool down. Once it gets cool down, open the lid and take it out in boil.

Boiled Mixture


Fourth Step: Then make the thick paste of this boiled mixture in a blender.



Fifth  Step:or preparing tempering (Tadka), put a frying pan on medium flame. Pour two service spoon ghee into the frying pan and let it heat up, add Hing and Jeera in hot ghee.

Tempering Preparation
Tempering Preparation


Sixth Step: Once the Jeera changes to golden brown, add blended boiled paste in the frying pan and stir well at least for twenty minutes.

Puree in Frying Pan
Puree in Frying Pan


Sixth Step: Now add corn flour/Gram flour and stir well to avoid lumps of flour.

Add Corn Flour in Puree
Add Corn Flour in Puree


Seven Step: Sprinkle salt to taste Cook till puree gets thick and you can add more ghee in it or as your health allows.



Sprinkle Salt to Taste
Sprinkle Salt to Taste


Add Ghee as your health allow
Add Ghee as your health allow


Authentic Sarson Ka Saag
Authentic Sarson Ka Saag

Your authentic traditional Saag is ready to serve along with Makka Ki Roti or Tandoori Roti.

Valuable Tips:

1.       Leaves should be washed and cleaned properly.

2.       Nature wise mustard and fenugreek leaves are sour and dry so use good quantity tomatoes and handful ghee while cooking it.

3.       Corn/Gram flour can be mixed well in half cup hot water to avoid lumps.

4.       Green chilies help to kill sourness of mustard and fenugreek leaves.

How to make hari chutney at home

How to make green chutney at home

hari chutney recipe | green chutney

There are various methods to make hari (Green) chutney at home, depending on your taste. Its recipe is quite easy and simple. You don’t have to do many efforts to make hari (Green) chutney. Moreover, it gives add  value to your food.

Preparation time

10 mins

Quick easy green chutney recipe | hari chutney | green chutney for snacks

Serves: 2 bowls or 250 gm


Coriander leaves (50 gm)

Mint leaves / pudina (10 to 15 gm)

4 clove garlic (medium size)

4-inch ginger

8 green chili (as per your taste)

¼ cup of curd (use of curd is not must, depends upon taste)

½ tsp black salt (as per your taste)

½ tsp salt

1 Pinch of hing / asafetida

½ cup water

1/2 tbsp lemon juice

½ spoon mango powder

Instructions (1 cup =150 ml)

Making Process

You have to start with blending coriander and mint leaves along with garlic cloves, ginger and green chilies. Blend it to make a fine paste.

Now add black and plain salt along with asafetida and grid for another 10 seconds.

Add half of the water, lemon juice and mango powder and once again grind it for 10 seconds.

Check the consistency, and add half of the curd, curd changes the color as well as taste of the chutney.

Once again blend the paste while adding rest of the water.

Your Hari chutney is ready to serve with any snacks or enjoy the way you want to.

For more information about this recipe click: Sanjeev Kapoor’s Green Chutney Recipe